Sunday, December 14, 2014


Josie started gymnastics last week. Her class is immediately following Ella's so it makes a long time at the gym, but at least we are only going there once a week. She did pretty well and I watched from the balcony for like the first 35 minutes but then when they go to the back half of the gym she had a hard time and I needed to go sit with her. I'm not sure if it is the distance away, that she can't find me at the balcony or if the activities they are doing are hard for her because of her vision and vestibular sensitivities (huge trampoline, rings, balance bean- its been the trampoline that sets her off both times). She seems to really enjoy the rest of it though.

Josie's friend Hannah is in the class too. Her sister is in the big girl class with Ella too.

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