Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cupcakes in the Woods

With all the balmy weather from the last weekend we went for a couple hikes at Ella's school (we also saw a cool bubble show- the put a kid inside of a bubble!) and of course wore our coordinating cupcake hats! One of the trails which I think is so cool is the story book trail where they have a seasonal childrens book cut apart and put up along the trail for kids/adults to read along the way. My kids almost always ask to be carried everywhere where all the time. When we got there josie actually told us she wanted to "ride in the (shopping) carriage" but they were both into the story, though Ella knew it already from doing the trail at school, and walked the whole thing. Ruth still gets to be carried since, you know, she can't walk yet.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Santa's Cookies

This one missed the Christmas post because it was on my phone, but it's hilarious. This is when the girls were putting out cookies for Santa and Josie decided to snag a bite for herself!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Babes in Tubland

Ruthie got a bathseat of Christmas a couple weeks ago and loves taking baths with her big sisters.

I love the dirty look Josie is giving Ella here...

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Om the 3rd day of Christmas my children brought to me: 3 upper respiratory infections, 2 with a fever, and a massive double ear infection.

Amoxicillin all around! Except for Josie who just gets benedryl because she wasn't sick enough... (yet).

Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Christmas

The Haul

Ruth slept until 8ish so we started (and finished) without her.

Josie got this cupcake hat from Uncle Ryan when she was Ruth's age and it is the most fought over had in the house so Santa got 3 more hats for the other ladies, though I doubt this will decrease the fighting.

Ella was very gracious in bringing Josie her gifts to open and also letting Josie open the majority of the gifts that were for both of them.

Josie was initially wanting to play with her toys but then she just switched into unwrapping mode and was unwrapping anything and everything on behalf of whoever it was for. I think she opened things for herself and never even looked at the gift.

Thankfully Ruth actually does need help opening gifts.

We had been planning on going to church at 11:30 but at 8:45 we were done with gifts and breakfast and thought perhaps we could make it to 10, so we did a quick rush to don our gay apparel again and we did. Then we tried for another family photo. There were several other "good"pictures before I realized Ella was holding a toy Frozen microphone.

Then it was play, relax, cook and eat mode! Apparently black stockings also double as pants....

Santa completed our Frozen costume collection.

Even Ruth got an Elsa dress.

So Ella had asked for kind of weird things this year- "a sleigh that flies" being one of them. So this tree topped was as good as we got. And she was kind of excited about it though its not a toy she can play with. It is pretty cool and flies around the tree.

We had a wonderful day! We hope your day was great too!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve at the Boston Pops!

Nate and I figured we would take advantage of the fact we weren't traveling or having guests to do something cool with the girls. We want them to appreciate music and the arts as much as we do, so I guess it's never too early to start exposing them to that sort of event especially when there is a shorter children's program you can attend and it involves Santa and singing Christmas carols. And fancy dresses.

Ruth is getting pretty handsy lately.

So the girls dresses were a little ridiculously fancy but they were so cute. I was pretty nervous that Josie would refuse to wear hers being that it wasn't blue and sparkly and a tutu, but we talked it up a lot and called it her "symphony dress" and she was very excited to wear it. Ruth's dress was sort of a sheath and that was totally ridiculous because how do you get a sheath to cover a diaper? Answer, you don't. So it was more like a ruffly bunchy shirt and then the fancy diaper cover that we had, but she was cute anyways! They were so cute in fact that an older Grannie came up to us in the bathroom and said "Thank you so much for dressing them like this. This is the reason that I come to the Children's Matinee." So that was nice. Obviously I think we were the handsomest family there, but really all the kids were dressed in their finest gay apparel for the occasion, and they loved the show too which I guess is the most important thing.

So I actually hadn't thought about what we were wearing for church tomorrow in case these got dirty or whatever so I figured we should take some pictures before we changed.....

Ella has a new "picture face". It's not great.

They were so tired from behaving spectacularly at the symphony that they snuggled up like this to watch a TV show when we got home.

I tried to pop Ruth in with them, but she was more interested in eating the tulle on Ella's dress.

I asked them to give her a kiss.

So Ruth needed her own photo shoot.

"I'm going to get that bell, and I'm going to eat it."

"WTF this is not a real candy cane!"