Friday, October 24, 2014

We are home and She is doing great!

Josie was a trooper this morning. Her eye surgery was scheduled for 8:30 and they were pretty much right on time. She was very cooperative despite not getting to eat breakfast and the obviousness that this was not just a typical day as we were getting ready to leave this morning. She wasn't a fan of the ID bracelet but had no problem getting her blood pressure or pulse ox taken, go figure. She pretty much played the iPad while we waited. Nate was able to walk her into the OR and administer the laughing gas which I don't think was an easy task either emotionally or physically. The surgery was a little longer than we thought so I was getting pretty anxious in the waiting room but everything went fine. We got back to the recovery room before she was really awake and she quickly got her puppy and fell back to sleep while the nurse removed her IV's and wires etc. She maybe had a sip of juice, but was still really sleepy and they sent us home.

Beba, Auntie Kate, Shane, and Kylie were at our house with Ella and Ruth. Kate made us taco dip and dinner for tonight which was awesome. Josie was sleepy but excited to see everyone when we got home and everyone watched Frozen together and then she went down for a nap. She doesn't seem like she is in any pain so we are thankful for that.

Thanks everyone for your help!

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