Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Missing Photos

I feel like I do a pretty good job at capturing our everyday life in pictures to share with those we love that we don't see as much as we like, but also just for our own personal memories. I pretty much always have the camera on hand and take pictures (and videos) of the playing, the sitting on the potty, the dance parties, and even the naughtiness before I scold them (though this may be sending the wrong message). The one thing thats missing though from most of our pictures is me. I have noticed in putting together our family photo book every year that I am a pretty lacking component. Sure I am in some pictures of course, mostly posed ones. I recently asked Nate to try to take more pictures of me with the kids and he does, when I remind him. But really I wish that I had hidden cameras in my house where I could just snap my fingers or something and a picture would be taken in any room at anytime. I know I can ask any number of people to take pictures during everyday routines, but really they wouldn't be real when other people were there. The other night I was feeding Ruth a bottle with one hand while brushing Josie's teeth with the other and reading Ella a book and I wished that someone was there to just snap a photo. But realistically if someone had been there, they would have been helping me get 3 little girls ready for bed not taking pictures of me struggling. But those are the things that really happen at our house everyday. And I do believe that there is beauty in the chaos of it all so thats why I wish for the hidden cameras. You know ones I can control and delete the images I don't like. But in all seriousness I would like to be more of a part of our photographic memories so if you see my camera on a table please pick it up and take some pictures. Don't let the camera intimidate you, it has an auto function on the left dial. It's the green setting and it'll work like any point and shoot camera. I'll love the surprise when I upload the photos. (Julie does this already and I am always grateful).


  1. I understand! Out of the three hundred pictures from our Vineyard trip, I was in 3.

  2. So Erin, you and I will have a picture together once in the next 10 years I guess.

    1. We need to be in or attend another wedding together. That'll be the only way.