Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Josie loves shopping

And for this reason, she can now long longer accompany me.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Pizza Party

Ella had decided even before her art party was over last year that she was going to have a pizza party this year. Rather than deal with make pizzas at home like we usually do, we thought it would be way easier for the kids to do it at a restaurant. We had seen that Peel Pizza did kids birthdays there. Ella requested pizza cupcakes. I think they came out pretty good.

So we may as well have organized our own surprise party. Our very punctual guests all arrived before we did! Oops. Getting out of the house with 3 kids exactly on time is really hard. We are usually either 20 minutes early for 5 minutes late and they are both about equally stressful.

The whole time I thought the kids were going to make their pizzas all together at a table, so we got them all seated to wait.

Boy was I wrong, they got to go back one by one into the real kitchen and make their pizzas with all the real tools. (Dough was pre-rolled)

They were supposed to spread the sauce with their hands.

Charlie practiced the technique while he waited for his turn.

This picture is mainly to prove that Ruth was at the party also.

We didn't see it right at first, but the sign was exciting.

The party crew! The owner told me that this was the youngest group of party goes they have had make pizzas. I sort of didn't realize that even though yes this was a 5 year old party, we have a 2 year old very involved sibling and that all of our 5 year old friends also have 2 year old siblings who we figured may as well come along. So in reality it was as much of a 2 year old party as a 5 year old party. But they all did really well.

And we were very sorry to find out the morning of the party that Taylor was sick, so she and Caley could not attend. We really missed them there. It was a sad morning at our house, I think Ella's first true disappointment.

Now for the cake.

After we opened gifts, they started making their dough in a giant mixer. It was pretty cool.

Then we went home and gave Ella her big gift. A new bike.

So far she is saying that next year she wants to have another carousel party... I'm curious if she'll stick to it again.