Friday, May 30, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby Toys

The girls have been trying out and breaking in the baby toys.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Labor Inducing Pot Planting

I thought perhaps that carrying a large bag of potting soil and dragging out these pots and squatting a bunch of times may help me go into labor this weekend. Nope. Ella did a great job helping me though.

And the patio is open!

Josie thought it was more fun to play and stick her eye patches all around the inside of the van.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

5 minute call

I talk to Julie for 5 minutes and find that Josie has helped me put away the groceries by eating the entire BJ's package of blackberries...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Big girl seat!

Ella has officially outgrown the height limit on her carseat so in addition to moving to the way way back in preparation for babies arrival, she moved to a booster. She is getting the hang of the seatbelt and loves it. Though getting ready to leave takes extra long because she needs to be totally set with her snacks etc for the ride since i can no longer pass back to her.

Josie is not at all a fan as she loses her entertainment, and also doesn't know what snacks Ella is eating. Hopefully once the baby comes, Josie will again enjoy the car.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

room for 1 more?

I hope there is room for another personality in this pack!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hornstra Dairy Farm

The dairy we get our milk home delivery from (yes, its way better than the milk at the grocery store) just opened a retail store and ice cream shop. So now that Nate was home we needed to check it out. The line was super long but moved fast. No fancy sundaes or milkshakes here, just cups and cones of awesome homemade ice cream.

So then we got to look at the cows. The babies were all in a little barn and the kids were all feeding them lots of hay.

This brown one, named Caroline, was very feisty. First she was trying to eat my purse and then she was trying to eat the bottom of Ella's dress.

This baby calf was born yesterday. We didn't catch his name, but he was very cute, wobbly, and about the same height as Josie.

This is their barn cat who Josie kept referring to as a "tiger".

I think the girls could have spent hours here. We'll be there a lot this summer especially since it is about 2 miles from our house and 1 mile from Ella's future preschool and summer camp.

The girls have decided that Shane would really enjoy coming, so Kate, next time you visit, I hope you still like ice cream!

Monday, May 19, 2014

The cat's in the cradle.... or something

So I am 38 weeks pregnant today. So ready to be done, especially now that Nate's back. Though as "ready" as I am to no longer be pregnant this time, I can't say that we or the house are at all "ready" for baby girl #3's arrival. Things are very different as far as prep goes for the 3rd child.

We should start with what we have done- it's a very short list.
1. we purchased a minivan. We can all technically fit in one vehicle together, so thats good. Yay for us.
2. I dragged the cradle out of Ella's closet (more on this later).
3. I organized baby clothes by size. She won't be naked. Thats good.

Ok so here are the things that poor baby 3 is still waiting on.
1. a name
2. crib set up (not super important since she'll be in our room initially in the cradle)
3. kick the cat out of the cradle. Harvey has been having somewhat of a crisis as far as where he wants to sleep for that last several months. He used to sleep in his bed very happily until I washed it. Then he kind of slept on the bathmat, but started getting up at weird times and scratching our door or the bathroom door. So then when I got out the cradle, he decided that this seems like a great place to sleep. So now we have kind of a problem.
4. find, wash, and install carseat. I think it's in the basement.
5. wash bottles
6. pack hospital bag
7. make some sort of plan for our existing children
8. I'm sure there are lots of things I haven't even thought of that we should do, oh like buy diapers, i guess I should add that to the list too.

So if you are planning on coming to visit once the baby is born, and we really hope you are, (we love visitors), you will probably be asked to do some of these things.

Friday, May 16, 2014

2 weeks is a long time

Nate had to travel for work for 2 weeks. No one was thrilled about it, but it didn't seem like it had really hit Ella until we dropped him off at the airport. She seemed very close to tears, but held it together. We marked the trip on the calendar and every day after dinner crossed off the day, which seemed to help.

We were kept pretty busy by great friends and family though. Will, Rory, and Brynn brought dinner over one night. The big kids got right to work building a yellow brick road.

The little ones serenaded us.

I think the rope swing was a big hit.

Since Nate was gone for Mother's Day, I went to stay with Pat and Tif. He watched all 4 girls while I got to go out for lunch and for pedicures with my sister-in-laws. It was heavenly. Then we all went out for ice cream.

Josie likes to initiate "ring around the rosie" but i think she really just likes to laugh at those who fall down.

We went for a very slow walk on Mother's Day morning.

Brooding Artists

The big girls made paintings for their grandmas.

Even though she has a "booboo foot", Omi came up for several days during week 2. Josie was pretty under the weather (the doctor said it was croup, though she didn't have a cough at all) and was very snuggly. They were perfect companions, the snuggling with the elevated foot and ice pack....

Omi also got to pick Ella up and drop off at school, attend dance class, and swim lessons.

Thanks again everyone so much for your help and company! I honestly don't know how single parents can function, though I guess they usually are also not full termly pregnant.

Nate is home now and the girls gave him quite the welcoming hugs this morning. Ella didn't really let him out of her sight all day. When he would go in the other room to get changed or use the bathroom, I would hear her say "daddy, I'm just going to come keep you company!"

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Let's go get ice cream!"

 I didn't realize until afterwards that she was getting my purse for me too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


One loose screen and this cat is going to completely escape. He is very serious about his bug catching.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swim Lessons- Trying again....

Last year she wouldn't even get in the pool.... I would say we are already doing much better! She didn't want to get out to go home!

Josie was very nervous that "Ella's in the pool!" and "Ella's jumping in the pool!" She sat on my lap watching for almost the full lesson. I'm sure that won't last...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sitting on the cat

Josie likes to pretend that she is going to sit on the cat. He lets her get pretty close before he walks away.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Planting Seeds

Ella helped me plant some seeds in the side garden the other day. Yes there are plants growing there that she is sitting on. They seem pretty sturdy, she doesn't weigh that much...