Sunday, February 2, 2014


Josie has hits a couple milestones the past couple weeks. First off, she got her haircut. Rather I just trimmed the back. It's a serious pet peeve I have with little girls who never get their hair trimmed just for the sake of it being long. I mean the top has to even out with the bottom somehow or else they just look like they have a scraggly mullet. I've got nothing against a good mullet, really, but there are cuter hair styles for little girls. I was dreading cutting the little curls off though, because ,what if it stops being curly and really it is just so cute. So anyways, I trimmed it (about an inch) in the bath one night and of course Ella wants to cut it and I tell her "No". And then we have to add specifically "under no circumstances are you to ever cut your sisters or your own hair....." I feel like with 3 girls this will be an issue at some point. But Ella is a rule follower, so I'm not too worried about her. So anyway, I think I did a good job, I mean, the haircut could be horrific and she's still be cute, but I think it's straight. Straight enough anyway that the curls can hide the rest.

Milestone #2, I've not been acknowledging for fear of jinxing it, but maybe you've noticed Josie has been sporting her patches in a lot of photos lately. Now she is an absolute beast when she has to wear the arm immobilizers, especially the new ones we got that houdini can't contort herself out of, so needless to say, it doesn't make for many photo ops. But all of a sudden the past 2 weeks she has been leaving the patch on without them for good stretched of time. We still use a few patches a day and have to make threats with the arm immobilizers, but all in all this is a HUGE improvement.

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