Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Nutcracker: It's longer than church.

For Ella's and my day out, we went to see the Nutcracker. She has been very excited going to dance class and they have had posters up for the last several weeks about their production of the Nutcracker, which will be next week. Since we couldn't go to that production and I wasn't sure she would enjoy it enough to splurge on tickets to the Boston Ballet performance, we opted for another local dance school's performance instead. And Julie wanted to come too, so that was extra fun!

Ella was really excited when we got there, and our seats were excellent, 3rd row just off to the side right on the isle, so no one was in front of Ella. The problem was that she doesn't weigh quite enough to hold the seats down. If she sat right on the edge of the seat she was ok, but if she leaned back at all, the seat pretty much ate her up which would have been really funny if it didn't freak her out so much. EVen after stuffing all our coats behind her so she could kind of sit normal she still didn't look very comfortable, so she sat on my lap which was mostly fine, but she couldn't really get super comfortable there either with the bulging baby bump blocking her. She was really good during the first half, clapping at all the right parts (though asking lots of questions, like who is that and why did they do that and so on). We got a snack during intermission, which was way too long. Then during the second half after each dance she would ask not so quietly, "is it over yet?!" At one point she said to me "This is longer than church."

SO I think we are still not quite ready for the real deal, but she really did enjoy the show and was acting out parts of the dancing at home and told Nate about her favorite dancer (the purple one- wearing poofy "I dream of jeanie" style pants).

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