Thursday, December 19, 2013

Harris Christmas

We also exchanged gifts and celebrated Christmas with the Harris's last weekend.

Ella got to hold baby Mark.

Holy Cow! They are all looking!, Well Mark gets a free pass this time, but I mean his eyes are open, so thats something!

He wasn't quite sure what to make of Josies forehead kisses.

A whole stocking full of gifts and all any of them was interested in was the packages of fruit snacks.

Ella and Josie got a nice table and chairs from Beba and Papa!

The girls also got bean bag chairs from Auntie Kate that they (and Harvey) love. Its a good thing we had 2 cars down there or we never would have gotten everything home!

We tried for a family shot. There are several issues with this picture. 1. Colin. He was out plowing the snow so we'll need a redo at another family function. 2. Dan. What's up with the nice shirt? It's faux Christmas morning and we are all in our pajamas.

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