Monday, November 18, 2013

Daddy/ Big Girl day out

We had gone to the Boston Children's Museum when the Padgett's visited a while ago and because Ella was pretty much rushed through everything because the little ones were too busy and then too cranky, Nate promised to take her back for a special day out. She has been patiently waiting, occasionally asking when they would go and finally, we didn't seem to have any "pressing" home improvement projects going on that they went this weekend!

She was so excited! Nate's passes that he had allowed them to get in an hour before opening time. I think they were there for over 6 hours and that was with one of the cool attractions closed for renovations! This was when they left in the morning and I think she was just as excited to tell me all about everything they did when they got home! I'm glad they had such a fun day together.

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