Monday, July 8, 2013

Too hot for eye patches!

Josie has been sweating off her eye patches all day today. I think when I tried finger painting as a distraction we were up to 5. We made it past 8 patches though today. The kiddie pool was distracting enough, but once the patch was pretty saturated (we love splashing) she would notice it again and/or it would come off. I'm not so sure what else to try with it going to be about 90 for the foreseeable future. The obvious, play in the AC is a good idea except that the only room with AC is the girls bedroom and Josie is not interested in playing in there.

But back to Josie and her cuteness, this is her first fingerpainting experience and while I think she didn't quite get the point of it, she certainly didn't mind it, and she thought it might taste good.

Red wasn't the best color option. She got a good amount in her hair and then later when we went out it kind of looked like she had an undressed bleeding head wound.

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