Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pool Days

We went to CT to Omi and Poppy's for a good part of 4th of July week. The girls both loved the pool.

They take their water play very seriously.

Where did this hair come from?! I love this girl!

And this one!

Ella needed a little (ok a lot) of coaxing to go under water but hopefully with swim lessons starting next week, she'll be back in action soon.

Josie on the other hand seems like all she wants to do is submerge herself in the water, but we haven't had our acts together enough to have the contact out at pool time. Next time maybe.

SO Poppy has a cool trendy egg slow cooker now. He is still figuring out how to use it, but I have to say it made a yummy salmon!

This is "Rusty." I'm not sure that Ella could have possibly remembered that I used to have a dog named Rusty when I was little. I know i have told her but it seems a long shot but also a little too coincidental at the same time. Either way, this other rusty was very well cared for and was tucked into beach blankets many times over the week.

After leaving Omi and Poppy's ( we got to unexpectedly leave Josie there) we dropped Ella off at the beach trailer in RI and had 2 nights to ourselves. Thanks everyone for the unexpected vacation!

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