Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lessons by Proxy

Ella would have gladly sent Josie in to take her place at swim lessons, unfortunately Josie is too little. So Josie and I sat and watched the lesson up close with the other parents, and Ella hid behind us avoiding the pool all together.  I think that Thursday afternoons are about to get really real.


  1. It took us quite a few sessions (i.e. years) before Will got into the pool during swim lessons. At least she will enter water at other times!

    1. I know. I thought of you the whole time we were there. It must be a phase too because she has also participated in swim lessons
      Any other times too. And she pulled the same stunt at the dentist the next day (I know you've been there too) I think it's just the power struggle of the

  2. It actually does get better (or it did for us), if that is any consolation. And after two years of swim lessons Will doesn't sink anymore :o)

    We have also successfully been to the dentist. We had to find a very kid-friendly practice, but he opens now!