Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aesthetic Projects

I have been asking Nate for some time now when he is going to post pictures of the projects I have completed around the house on the house blog. Rest assured that I am not just standing around questioning his motives for putting holes in walls. The response I got was something along the lines of "Post what? What can I write about well thought out and carefully executed projects? Who wants to read about that?" Probably no one, but I can name at least 4 people who would want to look at pictures, so here we go.

First off I would like to say that going to get this paint with 2 kids took far longer than anticipated and was not pleasurable. Secondly, I really wanted to take this picture and it took way longer than I would like to admit to take all the paint covers off and set the paint up and get the lighting right. I was actually trying to go so fast that I didn't realize that at least 3 of these colors are completely wrong (the paint stores fault) and that I would later need to go back and have them remixed.

This is the girls room. Our first project was doing a plaid wall. My mom was helping me. It took 2 full days.

After the first day it was looking a lot like a circus tent and we were getting a little nervous.

The final product looks pretty good. Not at all like a circus tent.

I let Ella paint the doors to the little built ins in their room. I think my mom thought I had breathed in too many pain fumes.

Another project- Nate actually helped with this one (he is not a fan of painting). When we had the floors refinished, they couldn't do the floor in this room. It had wall to wall which we ripped up hoping to find hardwood underneath. We did, but it was patched with regular 2x4's and so the floor people didn;t think the stain would take correctly. Since they had partially painted the floor white, we just had them sand it and then we painted it white. It looks pretty good.

There was some other built-ins which I painted. We do have an actual chair coming (not a step stool) and it will be the same green color as in the built-ins. I did also since paint the walls in that room too, so once our other furniture arrives, I'll update with another picture.

I have gotten pretty good at refinishing furniture. My mom helped me with the bed. Nate pretended that he was going to help with the rest, but he kept busying himself with more important things in the barn. This furniture was my grandparents bedroom set. It has been refinished several times, wood, then an antiqued treatment, then sanded again and stained, and now it is white. I was pretty sentimental I guess working on them all thinking about how it has been painstakingly redone so many times and who did what to it, and yadda yadda. So the bed is in the "guest room". I use the term guest room pretty loosely as it implied that we have an extra room. Ella and Josie are choosing (well Ella is choosing, Josie is just along for the ride) to share a room. So any night the threat of "I can just move you into the other room" will not be an empty threat and then it will no longer be a guest room. Ella calls it the "white floor room".

The chest is also in the white floor room.

The dresser is in the girls room. I made the lamp shade. I am still on the fence about spraypainting the stand white. Thoughts?

The little night stand.

These are the doors Ella painted.

I made those valances also, they are just strips of jelly roll tied to the curtain rod and cut at different angles.

Yes, I painted the laundry close this color.

The naked family room

Painted, with Nates built-ins and furniture!

Nate drove the truck and unloaded it, but I assembled this patio set all by myself.

And with a little help from the local garden center, I planted these planters, since we are a little too late for landscaping progress this season. Also when weeding the walkway, I discovered that it had about a foot and a half of glass grown over the top. The whole thing is almost twice as wide as we thought!

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