Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Shane! (and Josie again).

We went to CT for Shane's birthday party and he graciously was willing to share the spotlight with Josie. Kate made them each a smash cake for singing.

Birthday Boy

All of a sudden Josie is very interested in using forks.

I can't talk right now Auntie Kate, I've got my mouth full.

And when it's your sort of birthday party, you can stick your hands right in the dip bowl.

At cake time Josie didn't even wait for the singing or the candle to be blown out, she just dove right in.

Even though he had been practicing singing "happy birthday" all week, it was a little too much to be the center of attention.

I think I'll help myself to some of yours...

Josie's plate got taken away because she just likes to throw plates, but Ella being the wonderful big sister that she is thought sharing cupcakes would be good. (She was actually alternating between Shane and Josie licking frosting off the cupcake.) And I also hear there is video of this.

Happy Birthday again Josie! And Happy 2nd Birthday Shane! Thanks for sharing your day with us!.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Charlie Visits again

I babysat Charlie one day last week, and while we did have a great time playing, things were always a little too crazy to take a picture.

And while yes, Ella looks like a pissed off teenager in the background, she is in fact watching Diego on TV and the babies were not at all quiet while she was trying to watch her show she was a very good sport about it.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday Presents

This pretty much sums up how Josie felt about opening birthday gifts.

So Ella helped.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Breakfast Birthday Cupcakes

Because Josie had her eye appointment on her birthday and Nate wasn't going to be able to come home in time for cake since he was going into work late, we decided to celebrate Josies birthday at breakfast. There was fruit in the cupcakes, but probably I should have made muffins instead.

She likes to eat breakfast right away and was not wanting any part of the waiting or looking at the cupcakes on the plate.

She was a little unsure of how to proceed.

But after some birthday love taps from Ella she was raring to go!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Slide

Beba and Papa got Josie a little slide for her birthday. Pretty much she watches and laughs as Ella uses the slide inappropriately. (The does enjoy sliding on it herself, when she has the opportunity).

I'm not entirely sure what happened but the above photo was taking less than a second before the below photo.... Does anyone know how she fell down?