Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ella and Henry, sitting in a tree....

Here is the hug I missed while in the bathroom, thanks Melissa, this is so cute!

Nate refers to this photo as his "worst nightmare". Poor Henry, however is just trying not to fall down!

Rainy party activities

Since it was raining as seems to be the theme of this summer, the birthday party was held inside at the new preschool. Ella had the right idea when she started giving the babies a bath in the sink, that is until the bigger kids also thought it was a good idea. Somehow though, Ella was the only one who ended up completely drenched and needed to change her clothes!

Arts and Crafts

Ella was a little timid among a large group of kids older then her, and was perfectly content to hang out with Sarah, who was more then happy to build a fort around her.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome baby Shane

Shane Michael was born Tuesday night at 10:31 pm. He was an itty bitty 5 lb 12 oz and 18 inches long. Congratulations Kate and Colin, we are so happy for you. Ella picked out a huggie for Shane today. She tried to get him a purple one, but I told her that even though she loves purple, that he might not like purple, so when given a choice of a dog or cow huggie, she picked the dog.

Shane really knows how to work it for the camera. Here is his first close up at only 45 minutes old!

Nate and I just couldn't wait until the weekend to meet the little guy (though we didn't know if it was a boy or girl when we were all waiting in the waiting room) so we called Julie for a last minute babysitting gig and of course she came (from the beach with only a bathing suit to wear) so we could leave Ella home in bed. Thanks Julie.

Ella will get to meet the baby on Saturday. So far she has liked seeing his pictures and can say his name pretty well.

Happy Birthday!

You might assume that we attended an extravegant birthday for someone turning 63. We did not! William is turning 6, and Rory is turning 3!

The party was not just for them though, it was also to reveal the gender of their new sibling by means of a hidden layer in the birthday cake. Our friend Sarah was the only person who knew the gender of the soon to be baby Kilgore (even mom and dad didn't know) and she made the top layer of cake, so that when it was cut at the party everyone would find out the surprise at once! Will and Rory are going to have a baby SISTER!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrating the start of Summer Vacation

We spent last Thursday with Julie to celebrate the start of her summer vacation. We had planned all sorts of activities, unfortunately, mother nature had other ideas. We tried going to Smolak Farms to see the animals. The animals were all inside their barns and the workers were repeatedly telling us that it was "really muddy". Well Ella and I had essentially driven an hour to go to this farm, so we thought we wouldn't care about a little mud. It was SO muddy, like quicksand sinking kind of mud. Luckily the farm stand had fresh cider donuts and a farm toy section, so we hung out there for a little bit.

We then ventured to the weatherproof Jordans furniture. These cars were great, Ella let us (briskly) walk through and look at the furnitre.

Here she is enjoying a mouthful of gummie candies, which she has decided to call "jelly fish".

No nap today- she couldn't even be enticed to watch cartoons on Julie's bed!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Promptly when we got home after the wedding, Ella got this lovely shiner from the edge of the coffee table! Ouch. She took it like a champ though, recovery time was exactly the length of time it took to get "huggie-noonie" out!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some other keepers

Here are some other keepers from the weekend.

Team Ella testing out the rocking chairs.

Playing the piano at the bachelor-pad house.

Nate humored me with the self timer until other people came outside to talk to us...

Last minute toast preparations

Kate, I hope you didn't think I was going to leave you out just because you are 9 months pregnant!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Flower Girl

Miss Ella had the honor of being the littlest flowergirl in the wedding. She was very good and stayed with Auntie Kate at the Bridal house while the girls got ready and the photographer took pictures. I decided not to hang out with them because she has been not separating well from me lately, and I didn't want to try it right outside the church before she needed to perform while there were lots of strangers around... So she did fine, and Kate and the other flower girls were able to distract her. We decided that as long as Ella waited until after all the parents had processed down the isle, that she could head down then, especially since there was no way she would wait after Kate walked down. So the reverend saw Ella at the back and told everyone "You're going to want to turn around to see this." (In my head I was thinking of William who got a serious bout of stage fright when he saw all the guests at our wedding). Fearless Ella though, saw Papa poke his head around the pew, yelled "PAPA", and ran as fast as she could down the isle holding her basket of flowers with a huge smile on her face! I wasn't able to get a picture of her grand entrance though because the chapel was tiny and the only way I could have taken a photo was to stand in front of the groom or the actual paid photographer, and while I actually considered it, I refrained. I can't wait to see his photos though!

She didn't last too long in the church.

The key to our success was this bag of goldfish.

You might be thinking, this is a lovely photo of the sunset on the evening of the wedding, and you would be incorrect. This was the SUNRISE at approximately 5am the following morning, thank you Ella.

She then had breakfast, put her flowergirl shoes back on (they make a clicky noise when she walks) and went back for a 2 hour nap.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Congratulations Dan and Courtney!

The newest Mr and Mrs Harris!

I just like how Dan was fiddling with her veil...

On the getaway jeep.

It always amuses me that the person "trained" in how to bustle the dress is never around when the dress needs to be bustled...

It was a great weekend, and we are so excited and happy for you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Omi and Poppy came with us to the wedding to babysit so that Nate and I could enjoy all the events (there were lots of them). Ella was pretty good, except for when she was crying at the window holding my shoes (they didn't tell me that until later). And unfortunately she pulled the same sort of no napping shinanigans that she pulled before Julie's wedding, so all they wanted to do was to take her out for an ice cream cone, and all she wanted to do was go to sleep... No worries, Omi and Poppy, we can eat lots of ice cream for the 4th of July! Thanks so much for coming with us!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Swimming Sessons"

Nate got to take Ella to swimming lessons for the first time last week since he took with day off to travel to the Cape for Dan and Courtney's wedding (pictures to come soon). She was very excited to have a new swim partner and show him all her favorite parts of class. This is her very favorite thing, going to get the toys. And she will yell "kick your feet" all the while she is doing this, except as you can see, she doesn't always kick her feet!

Here is the teacher, Tori, showing Nate how to get her balanced and moving on the noodles so that he can let go briefly.

And I didn't think that he would actually do it, but he let go! Unfortunately, noodles aren't allowed in our pool, and Ella will ask for them whenever we go swimming.

And they dunked too... Did I mention it was raining for this swim lesson?!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sharing Omi

Ella and my mom always play with the shape sorter. Ella can do it the one at our house completely by herself, but at Omi's house, there are more shapes and she needs a little help. SO of course as soon as my mom is holding Taylor, what does Ella want to play with? She did a pretty nice job sharing the pieces.

Sorry Taylor, it's time to put this piece in.....