Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

A need for Speed!

Ella went on her first boat ride in the Niantic River. She was not a huge fan of the lifevest though. The under 30 pound life jackets have all the padding on the front and that huge pillow you see to keep them floating on their backs if anything happens. But it made it pretty uncomfortable for her to be sitting down. Of course she loved hanging over the edge....

Here she is driving the boat!

just kidding...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Harris Clan

We tried to take a nice picture before the camera battery died. Typical, Colin!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DuTwitch Wedding

Brendan and Lindsay's wedding day could not be ruined by a few rain showers. The ceremony had to be moved inside, but spirits could not have been happier. The ceremony was in a huge barn and was decorated so fun! They even had a signature drink- the DuTwiller! It was yummy.

Yup those groomsmen are wearing madras pants.

We were seated up in the castaway section for people who they knew would misbehave, but we felt more like we were getting the VIP treatment with a great view of the ceremony.

And of the first dance.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ready for a night out

Ella got to stay at Omi and Pop's house while we went to a super fun wedding in Middletown!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reading is not always good...

So my brother read an article in some men's magazine about how to make candle holders out of wine bottles. And of course, since it required 1- drinking multiple bottles of wine, 2- kerosene, and 3- fire, it was an irresistible evening project. First you soak some rope in kerosene then tie it around a wine bottle.

now the fun part...

Then you submerge the flaming bottle in a bucket of water and it is supposed to break the wine bottle cleanly....

There were mixed results. They tried several widths of rope, and several materials of rope- cotton, nylon etc trying to make the perfect break. They even switched from rope to wire and when the wine was gone from wine bottles to beer bottles. The project was "successful" however in the light of day, they all just looked like broken bottles... The male bonding time was priceless, I suppose.

For a good cause

Our friend Jane is traveling to Haiti for 3 weeks to volunteer, and she threw a BBQ to raise money for her trip. Ella has been practicing using a straw somewhat unsuccessfully so when Jane offered her a flavor-ice I was not sure how she would do with it. Well, she was able to suck and bite that faux grape flavoring fantastically. Maybe she needs something more motivating in her cup...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hampton Beach

Last Friday, Julie, Ella and I met Amy and the kids at Hampton Beach in NH. I had never been to this beach before and it was great all around. Nice sand, big waves, no seaweed, cheesy stores, and tacky people all make this an ideal beach destination. The massive amounts of the tacky people make this a nightmarish place for Nate. Thankfully he was working. I guess our trips to Hampton beach will be saved for days with the girls :O)

Thomas spent most of the day digging a whole, and dumping out the girls "splash" pool. The girls pretty much kept to themselves. Here is Ella in the pool, pulling in as many toys as she could fit- even the basket!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Well I meant to post this on her actual birthday (Friday) but accidentally posted it today, and now that it is posted, it can;t be deleted....

so happy birthday grammie! Here is a picture back from when she babysat while we were in Jamaica!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


She is getting much better at eating watermelon. And by better I mean that she will bite the fruit part, not the rind. I am by no means indicating that she is neater when she eats...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ella has taken to climbing lately. I came out of the bathroom one day to find her like this...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Miss Independant

Ella is eating primarily finger food which is great. The one thing that we continue to give her by spoon is yogurt. She is not so much into eating meat, and the greek yogurt in particular has lots of protein in it. And she really likes it- win, win right?... The problem, as you can see, is that she wants to feed herself. Clearly she is not ready to do this. But when you feed her the yogurt she will snatch the spoon with a lightening speed that she saves up purely for this purpose. She also clenches the spoon with combined death grip and determination that we can do nothing but let go. Not every meal is as messy as this- i think this particular one, we had given up completely...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We tried to keep Ella as much on her usual schedule as possible, which meant that the 6 of us were all hanging out at the house after 7 pm. The guys found it necessary to purchase corn cob pipes...

We played cranium and some heated games of skip-bo. We went to the live music on Thursday night at Jonathan Edwards Winery. Tim and Darlene even funded a dinner out for all of us in Narragansett.

All in all it was a pretty smooth trip for us. Though it was definitely time to come home. The last 2 nights Ella did not sleep well, and then when we got home also had a hard time falling asleep. I think that over the week, we had just gotten too lax with her routine and it was starting to take it's toll. Though I know she so much enjoyed being around so much excitement, I'm afraid that next week she'll be pretty bored. We can't wait to see you all again!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carpenter's Farm Stand

A trip to MTK is never complete without a walk to the farm stand. This year, there was a pleasant addition. 3 Goats that you could feed! Ella loved touching them, watching them, and listening to them. They were really gentle, but we didn't let her feed them this year.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New friends and old favorites

Vacation gave Ella lots of time we really bond with her Aunts and Uncles! Uncle Colin read her a bedtime story, and even gave her a bottle... might he be practicing?...

Ella loves older boys and anyone who will read her books (as you can see). Above cousin Andrew read her Brown Bear, and below William Penhall (only age 4) read her goodnight beach, a book he had never seen before. We were all very impressed!

Ella got to spend some time with Pat and Tif, who she hadn't seen since December. She warmed up pretty quickly considering she was only 10 weeks old the last time we saw them. She must be able to tell that they are going to be parents soon!

And Ella got to finally meet Anna and Austin for the first time who came for the weekend from Cincinatti! Ella was the first baby that Austin didn't make cry! We were so glad to see you guys. It'll be our turn to travel our there next!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pots and Pans Parade

We got to march in the pots and pans parade this year. It is a pretty rediculously fabulous event where all the kids visiting the beach trailer park dress up for the fourth of july and walk around banging pots and pans as loudly as possible. We figured Ella would be far too interested in all the other kids to shake the bells that Grammie got for her, and we were correct. However, Ella also surprised us by breaking our her latest milestone of waving. She was just smiling and waving at everyone as we were carrying her through the parade! And she loved the noise, by the way...

Here she is wearing her patriotic dress.

I didn't plan such fancy outfits for the rest of us...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Harris Family Vacation

We spent 4th of July week at a rental house in Matunuck beach, RI. Now those of you who have been there know that typical July attire calls for sweatshirts, not bathingsuits and jeans, not shorts. We picked the best possible time to go there with temperatures at home in the 100's- it was only in the high 80's at MTK! Pretty much the only comfortable place to be was at the beach in the water.

The half beach tent was put the good use. We even were able to fit a pool in it for Ella.

The house was perfect for our group, 5 bedrooms, plenty big. It was nice enough, while not being too nice- we weren't afraid that our shananagans were going to ruin anything. Of course Kate and I were pretty sappy and sentimental by the end of the week planning that this will be our yearly rental cottage (though it is bigger that either of our houses...) and that there are plenty of bedrooms for all the babies that one day will be there- that includes you too Courtney. It was a great vacation, and hopefully the first of many memorable family vacations together!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Water Baby

Ella loves the beach. Julie and I took her the other afternoon and just plopped her in the sand and she sat there and played with it (no fistfulls in the mouth yet). We sat her at the edge which she loved, and actually she held my hands and walked in deeper to sit farther in. The small waves crashing all around her- a couple making her lose her balance, but she loved it!

Then we were sitting back up on the blanket and she saw some seagulls, got very excited, and off she went straight for them.

What to wear, what to wear...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Ellas most favorite toy right now are rubber ducks. So I had seen these directions to make a towel cake which was cute, but then Nate and I happened to be in this specialty store with all these different rubber ducks and he thought of the idea to put them on the cake. So we bought them, and I put the cake together and stuck it in our room. Ella, however has gotten pretty fast with her crawling and also sneaky. If our door was open, she would crawl to the door, look around to see if anyone was watching and then go at full speed toward the ducks. I started leaving the door open to see how fast she sneak in there. It was pretty fast.

The drive to CT was the most interesting though because the cake had to sit with her in the back seat. Nate covered the ducks with her baby hats to hide them, but she wasn't fooled and the entire drive to CT she was reaching and grabbing for the ducks. She might need to visit Julie and Baer's house for a tubbie soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where was Ella?

So where was Ella for all this action? She was with Nate and my mom. Nate had her all cute and pretty in a nice dress, but it ended up being just too hot, and all the babies were down to diapers but the end of the day. I think packing the car, getting Ella dressed and all her food ready etc wore Nate out because he slept through opening presents and unfortunately for my mom, she didn't get to eat because she was entertaining Ella. Thanks for all the help!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our gifts?

So what did we get Julie and Baer, you wonder? Well Ella made them this towel cake complete with rubber duckies. By the way, guys, Nate and I both tried out the head massager from the top. I thought it was great, Nate thought it was creepy. I did feel bad though because I think I bought all the ribbon at the store that Julie needed to make her invitations...

It took a lot of brainstorming because Julie has gotten much more crafty since living with me. She can make her own quilts and blanket, Christmas stockings etc. So what could I make her that was special? The one and only think I knew that she loves but would never make herself because it has to be all hand sewn was a crazy quilt velvet and fur Christmas Tree Skirt with bling. I think she liked it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Too Hot?

About halfway through opening gifts Julie announces loud enough for Baer and I to hear "When we finished opening these presents, I'm jumping in the pool with my clothes on."

Sure enough she did.

And when she yelled for my to jump in too, I was more than happy to oblige.

Our actions made one of 2 effects on people- they were either completely mortified by our behavior, or inspired to put their suits on and jump in with us!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let's Count the Ways...

We made sure there were many non-traditional things about the "shower"

1. Men, not only did we invite them, but we set them up a Biergarten of which they took full advantage.

2. An mini keg floating in the pool foreshadows interesting things to come...

3. A bullhorn used for a variety of purposes, I feel a must have for any future "shower. "

4. A flaming grilling apron for the groom! When's the next BBQ Baer?