Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I sleep like I just had Thanksgiving dinner after every meal!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

On the go!

We told Ella that we are not "stay at home kinds of people" and that she needs to adapt to our busy lifestyle... So far she has not disappointed. Here she is 3 days old with Daddy for a walk on the beach.

And here she is 4 days old with Mommy at the farmers market!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Belly Picture

Finally on the outside...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting the hang of things...

Even though Nate and I really have no idea what we are doing, Ella sometimes seems to be fooled. But just when we are starting to feel relaxed with things, the house almost burns down!

Ella had just finished eating and was asleep in her cradle. I was checking my email (finally) and Nate was making us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. He went in to check on her and I hear a call from the other room "mommy, I think we need help in here." So I go in to check out the situation, and Ella had spit up, her diaper had somehow slid off (She does not seem to have the Neilan booty) and she had peed and pooped, but mostly peed through her clothes, the sheet, and mattress pad cover. So Nate started getting her cleaned up while I was getting her a new outfit and changing the sheets etc, (things still seemed to be going fairly well) when all of a sudden it smelled like smoke. So I went to the kitchen and the grilled cheese was billowing smoke out from under the lid. I turned it off, but was not about the lift the lid and release all that smoke into the house. The fire department had recently fixed all the alarms and surely this would set them all off. Thankfully crisis was averted, but I have never seen such a burnt grilled cheese!

profile shot

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Ella Grace!!

As everyone probably knows already, Ella Grace was born on Tuesday Sept 22 at 11:37 in the morning. She weighed 8lb 2 oz and was 21 inches long.

We went into the hospital Sunday to begin the induction. It was long and of course nothing was going at all according to plan! I had thought all along that we were having a boy, but by Tuesday morning was having suspicions that only a drama queen would require a 3 day birthday! Sure enough, when she was born, Nate was the first to see and yelled out "It's a girl!" Today she is 3 days old and has thus far lived up to her diva status!

We are home now and settling in. We've had lots of visitors and are looking forward to everyone meeting Ella soon. We just love her and know you all will too :o) Now that we're back, hopefully we can get back to our daily postings! Thanks for all the happy thoughts everyone.

Who do you think she looks like????


or Erin???

Sunday, September 20, 2009

From The Womb: I'm Not Coming Out

This is Baby Harris's first post on Real Harris.

Greetings and salutations! As a fan of Adelaide Macaroni Padgett and her splendid "From the Floor" dispatches, I thought I would make a journalistic foray of my own.

There's been a lot of speculation lately about when I'll be making my grand entrance. Let me make one thing very clear: I'm not interested. I'm actually very happy where I am. Think about it: I sleep as much as I want in a hot tub-like environment, and leave the breathing and eating to this woman. This leaves me plenty of free time to engage in my various hobbies, such as kicking. Other than the placenta floating around in here, which frankly I find a little creepy, I wouldn't change a thing. Sure, there are some downsides. For example, I have no idea what gender I am. Getting a look at my bathing suit region has been on my to-do list for a while now, but I procrastinated for so long that now I can't exactly get my head into a position to look. Then again, it's largely academic at this point. Surely, some doctor or nurse with a taste for the cliché will bellow out that timeless "it's a _____!" The way I see it, I'll find out when everyone else does. I'm in no rush.

However, things have developed into a sort of tense standoff of late, and many efforts have been made to lure me from this womb. The gentleman whose voice I hear frequently (I am not sure who he is, but he definitely doesn't seem the father figure type) has taken to pretending he has a baby inside his belly. His ruse involves pretending that this other, invented baby is going to be born first, and thus will be his and this woman's favorite.

Forgive me if my interests don't include impressing this gentleman. Sure, he's read me a few books, but in my defense, they were children's books. One entire volume was devoted to shapes. Shapes! The entire thing was preposterous.

The latest proposal being bandied about has involved "inducing" me to come out. I'll admit, I wasn't sure what that involved. I used to have the OED (1928 ed.) in here with me, but as I grew sacrifices had to be made, and so it was jettisoned in favor of a pocket dictionary. It defines inducement as "[s]omething that helps bring about an action or a desired result; an incentive." Exactly what kind of incentive are we talking about here? Until I hear some actual figures attached to a written contract in hand, I'm not even going to dignify this with a response.

Though I clearly will come out eventually, I'm not going to promise it will be anytime soon. As I like to say, "planning is for people on the outside." Let's just leave it at this: I'll see you all when I see you.

Baby Harris is a fetus living in Weymouth, Mass.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

41 Weeks

To answer those few of you who haven't texted, called, emailed, or shouted at us in the past few days, still no baby! I'm starting to wonder if Erin is really pregnant, or if she's actually (1) just really letting herself go now that we're married or (2) a basketball thief. She's still in good spirits, though we're both very impatient to finally meet this baby, especially after getting a glimpse of its chubby cheeks earlier this week.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Even the giraffes are getting impatient waiting for the baby!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We might be in trouble!

This onesie was the babies first gift. Given by Julie sometime last January I think... It seemed to be a pretty sure thing at the time with the due date pretty much smack in the middle of this excellent zodiac sign. It also made me excited that the baby would be a virgo, because I already knew that we would be destined to get along fabulously because Julie is also a virgo! So as you can see, the baby is pushing it's luck and better be born on or before next Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pack your bags baby- EVICTION NOTICE

Well the baby is officially being evicted on Monday morning with preparations on Sunday night. Who bet Sept 21 and 22 in the baby pool? anyone? This is of course a last resort if the pogo stick Nate is buying me on his way home doesn't get the baby moving.

I have had a feeling all week though that the baby is going to be born on Thursday so we'll see if there is any truth to a mothers intuition. Julie dreamt that the baby was being born on the stairs somewhere. Maybe I should stay away from the pogo stick after all...

Harris Time

The baby, as you all know, is overdue so we have been having all the post-due date testing this week. Everything has been normal, the heart rate and movements, and fluid etc. are all fine. The ultrasound tech took measurements of the babies head, femur, and abdomen for the machine to guestimate the babies approximate weight. And the lucky number the machine came up with was that today- right now the baby weighs a whopping 8 lbs 7 oz!!!!! I'm not sure what the margin of error is on these readings, but I am hoping that they are way off- on the high end. Since everything else is normal, and the baby is pretty happy in there induction won't be scheduled until after I am past 41 weeks (Sunday or Monday). By then we are looking at just under 9 lbs, so hopefully the baby will come sooner.

It was nice to have the ultrasound and see the babies face though- of course we think he or she is very cute!!! I labeled the picture so you could get an idea of what you are looking at.

Here is the same picture without the labels...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

40 Weeks: How I Met Your Mother

Well, the due date has come and almost gone. Unless there is some serious water-breaking occurring within the next few hours, followed by the baby basically falling out, Baby Harris will not have a birthday of September 12.

However, September 12th will always have a special meaning to our little family, since Erin and I met 6 years ago today. A lot of ink has been spilled on the fact that Erin stopped returning my calls a few weeks later, and Father Mark's story about "the blow off" at our wedding horrified the congregation and probably won me a few sympathy points. However, the day I met Erin is one of my favorite memories of my entire life. I love to tell the story-- including to Erin, since she has apparently blocked out all memories of the event. Sometimes I like to embellish or invent parts of it just to tease her ("You honestly don't remember throwing that drink in my face?")

On September 12, 2003, my band the Screwdrivers was playing at Michelangelo's Pizza in Rocky Hill, CT. I had recently broken up with a long-term girlfriend (she was moving away) and I was single and ready to mingle. When you're in a band (at least an unsuccessful one), you typically get to the show at least an hour before it starts, set your stuff up, and then wait a long time. It was during this crucial waiting period that I saw our bassist Kevin walk in with his girlfriend Caitlynne and her roommate. I had heard in passing that Caitlynne's roommate was coming to the show, and looked forward to the prospect of having at least one one person there to see us. The roommate had been warned by Kevin: "This guy Nate, he's probably going to hit on you."

I remember saying "hello" when I was introduced to Erin and then talking to her right up until the minute we took the stage (actually a cleared portion of the floor of the pizzeria). I was instantly smitten. There was something about the way her eyes looked and moved that drew me right in, and I love to see it today. When Erin says something sassy or funny her eyes flash. I love it. For example, that night, not more than five minutes after I had met her, she asked me: "So why did your girlfriend move?" When I answered, she said "Okay. Why didn't you go with her?" The gall! The audaciousness! Who is this girl?

I also was completely taken by her mouth and her voice. That may sound strange, but I am very particular about the way someone's voice sounds. Erin's voice is of course completely normal, but I have always enjoyed listening to her talk for some reason. So I stood there, dodging her probing questions, looking at her eyes, watching her mouth, and listening to her voice, right up until the start of our set.

In those days, we often took pictures and wrote synopses of the shows we played. For example, at our show on June 27th of that year, apparently I "had a good but greasy order of fish & chips that didn't sit quite right for the duration of the show." Thank God I took the time to document that. But for the night I met Erin we have no pictures or synopsis. I remember deciding not to write one, because it would have been about meeting her, which might have been a little off-putting at that point.

Erin left in the middle of our set, I think she rode there with Caitlynne, who had to be somewhere else. I remember watching Erin walk out the door and hoping I would get to see her again. After the show, I told my friend Jij, who was visiting for the weekend, "I'm crazy about that girl." The next weekend Kevin set it up so Erin and I went bowling with him and Caitlynne, and the rest (with a minor, several year interruption) is history. Within a few weeks, my roommate Mike Descy teasingly predicted: "you're going to be engaged to that girl within a month."

It ended up taking a little longer than a month, so who are we to complain if this baby takes a little longer than 9 months? It would be a waste of the other 364 days of the year if I met the two most important people in my life on the same day.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

This morning I fell down when I was trying to put my pants on!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This is not a picture of the tree outside of the living room window though I do watch it quite frequently especially because seeing as it is early September and there are no leaves on it- it does not seem to be a very healthy tree.... That aside, this is a picture of that man's fantastic american flag pants. His face is strategically blocked by the tree limb to protect his identity. Being home now for most of the day, I see some interesting people who reside here at Tara Gardens which leads me to believe that the people coming to view the condo must also see these characters (we are still for sale btw). Coincidence? mmm I'm not so sure...

Monday, September 7, 2009

39 Weeks

Erin is past 39 weeks now, and still no baby! She's holding up like a champ, but this baby is not budging. For the past week I have noticed that she was sighing a lot, and today I half-jokingly accused her of becoming passive-aggressive. However, she explained to me that:

  • it's actually a result of her not being able to take full breaths; and
  • perhaps I shouldn't make unfounded accusations against a 9 months pregnant person.

Both points were well taken.

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Happy Birthday Julie!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

38.5 weeks and all's well

Tonight we had another of our weekly doctor's appointments to check on the baby's progress. The heartbeat sounded great, Erin's blood pressure is excellent, and the baby's head has engaged in the pelvis. No dilation yet, but it could be any time!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A good seat?

Rory found my belly to be quite a comfy pillow. Next time we see you guys, we will have a little baby with us!!! Can't wait to see you soon.